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HP's internship program of commissioned talents

As the enterprise sponsored party, in 2013, Hopu education brand aimed at "HP's internship program”, provided a orientation training delivery of 500 people for HP company across the country.

HP global software service center was built in 2012, and its growth rate is more than 30%. HP center successfully recruited 600 intern software engineer in Chongqing, Wuhan in 2012, andthrough the HP company specialized business education and comprehensive assessment, this batch of trainees were transformed to HP regular staff in advance in December 2012 with thepositive rate as high as 90%.

As is known to all, Hopu’s teaching and employment guidance power has a great influence in Hubei province, and even in the whole country, as the most powerful education group in Wuhan, Hopu enterprise group was commissioned by HP to focus its resources on recruiting 500 undergraduates interns to join this year, and the undergraduates can be directly picked up fromsophomore or junior students in college in cooperation with Hopu, which will lay a solid foundation for the better business growth and development of HP in 2014. The trainee recruitment plan has already been started in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou ,Dalian and other places at the same time, which happens to coincide with the recommended employment bases of Hopu ever, the cooperation has also laid a foundation for the later long-term relationship between Hopu and HP, and the two sides are expected to make a long-term business relationship!

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