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Jingning?Human Resources

Hopu Jingning human resources co., LTD not only provides employment guidance and services for graduates of cooperative colleges and universities, but we also provide IT Internetheadhunting and labor output service for a lot of large and medium-sized enterprises. It has established cooperation relationship on talent with more than 2000 foreign and domestic companies IT Internet companies. Now it has set up employment offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Dalian and other cities, and recommends qualified graduatesof cooperative academies employment.

Employment security: students in the cooperative academies will sign employment agreement with the company after enrollment, and the company shall take the responsibility to recommend qualified students after graduation employment, and the entire process is under audit and supervision of the cooperative academies.

Employment tracking: the recommended employed graduate students enjoy a year employment tracking service, and we pay a regular return visit the employed students, understand the working state of the students in the enterprises, and provide students with technical advice and career development plans, if the student after employment cannotmatch the enterprise for some reasons except the attitude, the enterprise will recommend him employment again according to the actual situation.

Quality employment: the company sticks to the thought of "quality of employment", bases on the sustainable development of the student career, and provide the multi-level employment service for students. Through the employment training and intensive employment skills, we make the students master all kinds of interview skills and methods, and help them succeed towards wonderful life in the IT Internet industry!

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